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An Operating System for transforming

strategy → excellence, & mission → passion

Create clarity, focus & alignment so they can deliver work that matters

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REAP excellence & passion

You're always at WAR with The Dark Trinity

which sabotage your success as a manager




This Dark Trinity CRIPPLES your team by

  • pulling the team in a thousand different directions
  • weakening them for the next new shiny thing
  • making them object of jokes by the rest of the organisation
  • transforming your team into expendable task rabbits
  • stealing their enthusiasm for team meetings
  • losing the admiration of your customers and peers

12 weeks of Questexcellence transforms ambiguity → clarity,  forges alignment & unlocks focus.

Your team deserves a manager who calls them to excellence

7 years ago, I adopted OKRs. I’ve suffered & survived every implementation pitfall in the book, so you don’t have to.

OKR Cycles

Years of OKR practice

Executives trained

Guidance from a practicing manager certified in both Lean Six Sigma & The 4 Disciplines of Execution

The Questexcellence OKRs System

You and your team won’t rise to the level of your OKRs,  you fall to the level of your operating system.

The OKR Deployment Accelerator for Managers


of brilliantly crafted strategies FAIL!

And as a manager at the frontlines, you will …

  • be blamed for failing to translate strategy to results
  • be blamed for failing to motivate your team to perform
  • be blamed for failing to spot and interpret frontline threats
  • lose more people in layoffs than follow poor performance
  • painfully watch missed opportunities
  • face customer disappointment & missed expectations

Every choice you make is a vote for excellence or mediocrity.

You can be the linchpin

not just for your team but for the rest of the organisation

  • The model for transforming strategy into results
  • The model for transforming vision into passion
  • The model for customer obsession & service
  • The model for innovating and adapting to change.

“Waste no more time arguing what an excellent organisation should be. Make your team the model.”

I’ve been using OKRs with my team for a few years.

My main challenge was to define key results that were measurable within 1 quarter. The team became frustrated as we would set stretched outcome-focused key results for a quarter, but we couldn’t really know if we were successful before the next quarter.

In this course, I learned how to combine top-down and bottom-up approaches, using existing measures, metrics, and KPIs to shape the Key Results.

This knowledge enabled me to work with my team to define OKRs for 2022 with Key Results that were attainable at the end of each quarter.

I highly recommend this course if you are a strong advocate of OKRs but face similar or different challenges.


Delphine Sassy

General Manager, Popcore | ex King

The OKR Deployment Accelerator

for frontline managers who want to build an operating system of excellence & passion

Smart Videos

Don’t just watch, control it, engage with to deepen your understanding

Interactive App

Step-by-step instructions help you transform and track learning into action

Unlimited feedback

So can build OKRs & operating systems with total confidence you’re on the right track

Questexcellence Conclave

Exchange ideas, tools, frameworks and tactics with other managers on the same journey

Every choice you make is a vote for excellence or mediocrity.

I was looking for a refresh and a different perspective on my OKR training as part of my continuous development. I have attended other training by OKR coaches, and it was frankly pretty underwhelming.

I saw Mukom post an OKR teardown on LinkedIn, and I could immediately see the quality of his thought process in relation to OKRs.

I joined this course, and it fundamentally shifted how I think about creating OKRs that create value for a team or business. 

I have embedded the core frameworks delivered in this training into my own coaching practice, and it has unquestionably levelled up the workshops that I run, helping teams to efficiently create meaningful OKRs that deliver the biggest impact for their business.

Ross Boyd

Founder | Executive Coach, Credo Contingent | ex Virgin Money

4 Modules | 8 Lessons | 7 Katas | 1 Goal

guarantee that you create an OKR-based operating system to wow your customers, your team and your boss


Session 1: Define Your Domain

    • How does your team create value?
    • How do you know you’re doing a great job?

Session 2: Measure What Matters

    • What story do your metrics tell?
    • What are your highest leverage metrics?

Session 3: Zero to OKR

    • What problems do OKRs solve?
    • Should you use OKRs?
    • What does a great OKR look like?
    • What does a bad OKR look like?

Session 4: OKR Teardown Clinic

    • What’s the Key Results Quality Matrix?
    • How do you improve your OKR with it?

Session 5: Vector to Victory

    • What is OKR Activation?
    • How do you use the OKR Activation canvas?

Session 6: Victor’s Playbook

    • How do you build a winning playbook?
    • How do you align with stakeholders?

Session 7: Ready, Set, March

    • What systems should you prepare for OKRs
    • How do you integrate OKRs into them?
    • What team workflow guarantees success?

Session 8: Resist, Persist & Thrive

    • What role must the manager play?
    • How do you design the right culture?
    • How do you operationalise the culture?

Every choice you make is a vote for excellence or mediocrity.

Don't Just Learn. Deploy. Change.

specially crafted tools to guarantee that you will transform what you learn into results with your team.

How Will You Know You're Doing OKRs Right?

Through personalised feedback within 12 hours

  • Get feedback on the quality of your OKR & plans from an expert within 12-hours.
  • By week 3, you will know that you have an OKR that measures what matters, resonates with your team.
  • Build confidence in your ability to lead your team transform vision into results and engagement.
  • Create a clear plan to integrate OKRs into your team’s tools, practices and processes and how you lead.

The OKR Deployment Accelerator for Managers


Will my OKRs be reviewed by a real person?

Yes, for 12 weeks, you can get feedback through every single step of crafting your OKRs and designing a system to ensure that your team actually accomplishes them.

You will request feedback through your Questexcellence Playbook app and receive a response within:

    • 12 hours for Odin class holders
    • 24 for Thor class holders
    • 48 hours for Vidar class holders

You can use your accumulated points to get live 1:1 coaching.

What if my boss/company doesn't know about OKRs?

Then you’ll be a pioneer. What you will accomplish through Questexcellence will :

  • make your boss want to roll out OKRs across the rest of your organisation,
  • establish your team as the model for strategy execution excellence in the organisation.
How does feedback work?

The Questexcellence Playbook you get when you join lays out the exact steps (katas) to follow to create a high-quality OKR, activate it and embed it into team processes.

  • At any point, you can request feedback on a task, or output and get a written response within 12 hours.
  • You can also keep your questions and ask them during your coaching sessions with an OKR expert.

Yes, that’s why we limit the number of seats, to maintain responsiveness.

How will I get my team's buy-in

By not comminting the 3 deadly rookie mistakes that make teams hate OKRs:

  1. Creating OKRs for your team.
  2. Not knowing where NOT to apply OKRs
  3. Not activating OKRs i.e. “Set and Pray”.

Questexcellence develops you, then guides you co-create OKRs with your team, virtually guaranteeing 100% buy in.

But my boss hates OKRs!
  • Does your boss like to see results?
  • Does your boss like to see happy customers?
  • Does your boss like to see a highly engaged team?
  • Does your boss like to see a much-loved product or service?

Those are the things your boss really cares about, not how you get them.

Sure, he might have had a bad experience with OKRs … because he didn’t have the Questexcellence Advantage. You have a chance to prove him wrong.

Aren't OKRs for big companies?
  • will your team benefit from more focus?
  • will your team benefit from a clear direction?
  • will your team like to only realise that they failed at the end of the year?

    Then they will benefit from OKRs. I know from 30 cycles of experience.

    Many experts on Twitter say OKRs don’t work

    I’ll quote the Queen of OKRs – Christina Wodtke

    “If you hate OKRs, someone is doing them wrong, maybe you, maybe your boss.”

    Questexcellence is built from the experience of 30 cycles of OKRs from a frontline manager like you.

    I guarantee if you follow the program and

    • Watch the sessions
    • Do the Learn → Practice → Lead drills
    • Get feedback on your system

    You will succeed with OKRs, and be a model for the rest of your organisation.

    Of course, there’s the no-questions-asked 20-day money-back guarantee.

    Will this work for performance appraisals?

    No! it won’t
    No!! It shouldn’t

    You should NOT use OKRs to set individual performance objectives. In this program, you will learn how to make OKRs play with your performance evaluation system without crippling them.

    Our project management software doesn’t support OKRs
    • You don’t need OKR software for the first 1-2 OKR cycles
    • You don’t need to adopt any new software to get the Questexcellence results

    The software is the easiest part of OKRs … after you get the foundations right.

    The Questexcellence Playbook has a simple tracker to help you get started.


    Starting from $0.4/day for a year. Pay once, free forever

    30-day moneyback guarantee if you don't like it

    Let's Travel 12 Weeks Into the Future

    could this be you?

    Another Monday, as you walk to your desk with a dance in your step, you hear a colleague grumbling: “Oh gosh!! another Monday to commit to another list of tasks of questionable value.”

    You smile as you vow to yourself  … “this must never be me. This must never be my team.”


    You get a cup of Ethiopian cappuccino and enter the meeting. One of your directs is sharing a glowing customer testimonial about the new service you just launched. The room lights up more as another direct shares a glowing tweet from yet another customer.


    You sip your cappuccino and watch something that you used to be a fantasy unroll before your eyes:


    Everyone kept most of the commitments from last week, and 5 of your 7 KPIs are trending green. Before you could express your concern about the 2 lagging KPIs, another of your directs raises it and a fourth reports how their plans this week to address the gaps.


    One hour later, the meeting stops on time.

      • Everyone is clear on what metrics need driving
      • Almost everyone has a spring of pride in their step as they head to conquer the week
      • You check the weekly team health pulse survey, and engagement is off the charts.

    At your desk, an email pops in from your boss, but you’re never alarmed because you know you can handle whatever is thrown your way … through the team and operating system and the culture you’ve built.


    But this email has just one word:  “WOW!” on top of a forwarded email from another client gushing about the exceptional service they got from your team last week. You smile and respond:

    “I’m the Chief Excellence Officer. This is what we do!”