Chief Excellence Officer


Chart a path to help your team excel & thrive!

Intrapreneur your way into your customer’s hearts!

Stand out & be revered by “strategists” & “ideators”

Have You Suffered From These Stings of Mediocrity?

Good strategy, inept execution

Fewer than 5% of global leaders are confident they’ll achieve 80-100% of their strategic objectives

Death by a thousand goals

Unable to identify & focus 1 – 2 audacious goals, we permit a thousand agendas to solidify silos & blunt effort

The Excuse Olympics

Sow tolerance for repeated failure to keep commitments, reap the cancer of frustrationt

Office Game of Thrones

Watch people who can’t run keep winning the 100m races! Kiss goodbye to meritocracy

Stone tools in the iPhone era

Why does our enterprise software look like it was designed by a kid pissing his name into a stream?

Pareto's Curse

If 80% of our results come from 20% of our people, why do we need the remaining 80% of them?

You cannot hack your way to sustained excellence

You Must Master These 5 Principles!

Systems Thinking

The mediocre obsess about results, the excellent clarify goals, then obsess about systems – factories of excellence

The Process Approach

There can be no continuous improvement without robust processes. Think of them as the assembly lines of the excellence factory. 

Reinforcing Habits

Ultimately, excellence comes down to what individuals do – habits are the levers of excellence – the most critical tools on the assembly line.

Validated Learning

Every strategy or solution is based on assumptions. Business experiments enable us to identify and validate the most critical assumptions like scientists.

Elegant Tools

The amateur uses one tool for everything. Master craftsmen know that using one specialised tool for the right job makes a world of difference. 

Online Courses

Masterfully crafted quests to help you build your infrastructure of excellence

Questxcellence: OKRs

In 12 weeks, build a system that empowers your team to translate strategy to excellence.

Intrapreneur Sprint

Beyond the “idea” man/woman → the Innovator 

Zero to Sigma

Achieve sustained excellence through processes leading to Deploy ISO 9001:2015 certification. 

Complex Problem Solver

Become the person they call when the obvious solutions have failed

Free Tools → Quick Wins

Zero → OKR Crash Course


Learn the 20% of OKRs skills that deliver 80% of the benefits

The SIPPR Canvas


Clarify how your team creates and measures value, whom it does it for and whom it needs

The OKR Activation Canvas

Manufacture the luck to nail your OKRs through creativity & effort.

The OKR Quality Matrix


Finally! an OKR stethoscope. Never worry about whether your OKR measures what really matters.

Crash Course

6 lessons + "Leading with OKRs" video

to kickstart your OKRs journey.

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